Friday, January 21, 2011

Prayer letter

Dear Friends & Family,
This letter is written from both Cathy & myself.  Please forgive us if it sounds as if we are talking in 3rd person ;o)  It is interesting to write a letter from two people.

Where do we begin?  I think Cathy & I knew that someday we'd be in Uganda together for some time.  But now that it is really happening, we are simply in awe.  God has provided for us every step of the way.  He's provided for things we didn't even realize we needed.  When He's reminded us of something we needed...even down to the last minute, He's made it immediately available.  We didn't get final confirmation regarding the details of the jewelry training we will be doing until last week.  We needed 72 pairs of various pliers.  EVERY SINGLE PAIR was either donated or sponsored!  When God reminded me of specific pliers I needed (you can read the blog post here), all 24 pairs were sponsored in just hours!  He has covered everything and we can't do anything but sit back and be amazed. To list all of the ways He has provided for this trip would be nearly impossible! His provision has been profound and complete. We leave it at that and if you want more details please feel free to ask.

Cathy & I received a note yesterday that included this scripture: Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.  Luke 6:40.  We loved this scripture!  But here's the really cool thing.  We will probably learn from and be blessed by these women more than we could ever teach or bless them. 

So, what will we be doing?  We will be traveling to a town called Mukono in Uganda.  We will be staying with Pastor Stephen Kibirango, his wife Jessica and their son Richard.  Richard visited Grace last April with John Kenyon.  (another fabulous story).  We will be working with the Women of Destiny who have been our primary bead supplier for our Tesfa jewelry and training them in additional jewelry making skills and ministering to them.  These women are widows and single mothers who have been deeply affected by HIV.

We have been blessed to be covered in prayer by so many people already and we covet every single prayer. Please continue to pray for us as we take this step of faith. Pray that our travel plans would go smoothly with no delays, good weather, and no problems. Pray for our time in Uganda, that we would be a blessing to these women and everyone we encounter; that our words & actions would glorify Christ above all else; and that we would be changed by this experience. Also, please pray for our families, that God would protect them; that He would give our husbands overflowing cups of grace, mercy and patience throughout the week; that He would soothe lonely hearts, dry their tears, and give them the reassurance & love only He can provide. 

We will have limited communications but will be able to text and we can even update Facebook via text messaging.  If we are able to access internet, we will do our best to update the blog.  The updates will only go to Dawn's facebook page (text updates are tied to the phone being used) so if you aren't a facebook friend of Dawn's....friend her so we can keep you updated :o)

Love to you all.
In Christ,
Dawn & Cathy

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