Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Because I "Simply Love" lime green...

Have you ever heard the saying "when I am an old lady, I shall wear purple?"  Well mine is "when I am an old lady, I shall wear lime green...and only lime green."  I can already see my closet lined with lime green shirts, lime green would be the best!  If you know anything about you as you read this, you are probably thinking "yup...she'd be just crazy enough to do that."

Well, I have a friend who is pretty crazy too.  In fact, she's self-confessed crazy :o)  Her name is Kari, her blog is My Crazy Adoption and she is really, super cool.  And she's really passionate about orphan care.

What does all this have to do with lime green?  Well, she started selling totes to help raise funds for her sons upcoming mission trip to Ethiopia & Uganda.  Her son has only been to Ethiopia one time...when he went with Kari & her husband to get their beautiful daughter Zoie.  He became horribly ill because of the water and realized the desperate need for water in Ethiopia.  He and several students (Pirates dig a well) partnered with Glimmer of Hope and raised $10,000 to build a well in Ethiopia!!  How awesome is that?  And now...he gets to go back to the place where he got so sick and watch this process begin.  We serve an awesome God, don't we?

Ok, ok...I still haven't gotten to the lime green part yet have I?  So the totes she were selling were cute...really cute.  But they weren't lime green.  For whatever wacky, crazy and weird reason, I will only carry lime green purses, totes, etc.  So, I casually commented to Kari about how much I loved them but I couldn't make a purchase.  Kari told me that if I ordered one...she would FIND a lime green one just for me.  Did I mention how much I love her?

So, here's the tote.  I loved it so much...I bought 2.  One for me and one for you!  Yes, you.  :o)  Whoever isn't completely bored out of their mind by this post and has gotten this far, you can with this adorable tote.  Before I go any is my disclaimer.  More than anything, I'd love for you to just make a purchase :o)  Please visit the My Crazy adoption store and see all the wonderful totes she has for sale!

Here's how you win

Comment on this blog post about why you want to win and your name will be entered

If you aren't a follower on my blog, become a follower, let me know in a separate comment you did and your name will be entered again

Post this on Facebook, make a comment and guess what...your name will be entered again.

And last but not least....if you make a purchase from Kari or donate to her son's trip...I'll enter your name to win again!