Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loving the least of these......

Congratulations to Marti Gay for winning this quilt!!!  Thank you to everyone who so generously gave financial gifts toward our Uganda trip.  You have blessed us beyond words!

To view more of Clara's creations, you can see them here and also on her website www.claralawrenceart.com.

Information about the quilt:  Cathy announces to me that her and Dawn are going to Uganda. Wow! After brainstorming I offered to do a quilt. There was a photo of Dawn’s hand holding another taken by a teammate in Ethiopia that appealed to me. It was the loving holding of hands like you would hold a friend or a loved one. Comfort and caring come to mind. I sewed a light hand dyed panel a collection of different color strips on top and bottom. Then drew in the hands into the middle panel. I wanted to show more care or connection into the image and added some beams coming outwards. After many layers of dyes applied the image was created in the middle. Then the deep purple was added to the outside edges. The quilting echoed the hands and beams in the inside. Dawn had requested to incorporate an Africa shape, so that was done with thread. The remaining quilting has a gentle tapestry almost African like shape to it.


  1. Oh my...what a gorgeous quilt! And, Clara has truly been given a Gift from our Lord! Dawn, I hope this upcoming trip is filled with wonder and joy. That the Holy Spirit will touch you and show you things that you never dreamed of. You will be in my Prayers and I look forward to following along on your Journey!
    Godspeed and Love in Jesus! ~ JO

  2. I made a donation for the Quilt Raffle and will post on Fac*book, too!