Wednesday, January 26, 2011

30 Seconds

Hello everyone, this is John, Dawn's husband at my first attempt to update the Funky Fish blog. I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers for Dawn and Cathy. You all are such faithful saints and your support means the world to them and our families.

Ok, I'll need to place my "disclaimer" here which will also explain the title of this update. Last night around 9:30pm, Dawn texted me to let me know she would call and say hello this morning at 6:30am. It just so happened the kids and I were still awake and I was able to call Dawn and talk for about 3 minutes. I learned some valuable lessons during that 3 minutes:

  • Lesson 1: Always ask how much time the traveling person has to speak before giving up the phone to the kids. You see, the 30 seconds was the time I got with Dawn, the kids had 2 1/2 minutes. 
  • Lesson 2: Always make sure the adult time to talk is in one segment, not broken into multiple segments. My 30 seconds was more like 3 - 10 second segments. 
  • Lesson 3: Always clarify the purpose of the phone after understanding the time constraint but prior to any conversations. You see, I was thinking Dawn was calling to say hello to me and the kids so my mind was on allowing everyone to say hi to Mommy. I wasn't even thinking to keep a mental recording of my three 10 second conversations for the purpose of updating the blog. 
  • Lesson 4: Never come across as an "absentminded fool". At the close of our conversation Dawn quickly asks, "Please update the blog." Mr. Absentminded fool says, "Update the blog with what?" I've have three 10 second conversations, nothing was really said. What I should have said, was, "No problem sweetheart, I got it covered". Hence the reason I am writing down my lessons. 
Anyway, lessons I learned that I hope to apply next time. It was nice to hear Dawn's voice and allow the kids a chance to say hello. I can't stop laughing at myself as I recall and write this and I'm sure Dawn and I will get a good laugh together when she gets home. That has always been one of our strong points in marriage, to laugh at and with each other. 

Ok, so now that you have my "disclaimer"...on to the update...

Dawn and Cathy are having an AMAZING time and are being treated with such wonderful hospitality by Pastor Stephen Kibriango and family. They are staying at his home and Dawn mentioned it was like a farmhouse with all kinds of farm animals. Dawn also mentioned that there were several orphans that live with them at they have really enjoyed getting to know the children. 

Dawn mentioned that they were planning to spend Wednesday doing more jewelry training with the Women of Destiny and have been truly amazed by the skills and talents these women have in making beads. I would imagine they would be quick learners and that Dawn and Cathy will be having another blessed day with them. 

Dawn mentioned that she spent time speaking with Pastor Stephen Kibriango about his ministry and couldn't believe that he is beginning to spend much focus going from village to village and from home to home working on marriages. After hearing that, Dawn mentioned that I was leading the Marriage Mentoring ministry at our church. Pastor Stephen immediately requested for me to accompany Dawn out next year and asked if I could help him. I guess I'll be praying about that and maybe using my vacation next year, that would be pretty awesome! 

Well folks, that's all this "absentminded fool" can put together from my three 10 second conversations. Please continue to lift Dawn and Cathy up in prayer. 

In His Love,


  1. "OF COURSE" Pastor Stephen does marriage mentoring! God is a master craftsman. Praying with you that God will lead each step along this adventure according to His good purpose!