Monday, June 18, 2012

It's the final countdown.......

In just 9 days, our family will be boarding a plane and heading to Uganda to get our boy.  Our son.  Our brother.  The newest Patterson to join this crazy bunch. This is our biggest, most amazing Patterson family adventure yet!!   We are so incredibly excited.  We are also incredibly tired.  The spiritual battles we have faced in the past month are nothing like I've ever experienced.  But God has been so incredibly faithful and I know He has carried us every step of the way.  I think Anita Renfro could write one heck of a song about our life this past month. (Just in case you don't know who Anita Renfro's one of her videos.  She's a hoot! )

 Here's the breakdown:

Head lice (have you seen the head of hair Loralee has?  I shall say no more)
Nose bleeds
Broken attic fans
Oral surgery for a 5 year old to the tune of 4k
CT Scans
Female issues (really....nobody likes to talk about this stuff) which resulted in complications, out of control pain and an unexpected hospital stay

But in some crazy, unexplainable, 'only God could do this' way....there has been a peace through it all.  I'm so very thankful for the grace and compassion our Lord gives us daily.

The praises have been huge as well!  Miraculously getting our court date just days before court was scheduled to close.  Having our dear, dear friend from Uganda be able to stay in our home.  Being part of a fundraiser to build a childrens medical clinic in Mukono, Uganda where in just 2 weekends, almost $40,000 was raised!  News that they will actually break ground while we are in Uganda!!!  How awesome is our God??  So, so awesome.

I am happy to say that our bags are literally packed.  Our living room has become "packing central".  We are ready.  There is just one thing left to do.  Ask for your help.  We haven't done much online fundraising.  God has blessed us tremendously through jewelry sales and an awesome fundraiser hosted by dear friends....but we are a little short.  We had been told to expect an April/May court date.  We got a July 3rd court date.  We are sooooooooooooooo thankful that we are traveling this summer, but the cost of tickets is just so much more expensive in July.  We are still hoping to raise another $3000....enough for our boy's ticket home, in country expenses and food/supply donations for his orphanage.  I'd love to say I have the coolest prizes ever.  I don't.  I simply don't have time to pull it all together.  Now.....I always manage to have a few tricks up my sleeve so you never know what I will come up with.  :o)

You can make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation through Project HOPEFUL to our Fig Fund by using the button below:

Would you please prayerfully consider making a donation and sharing our request? We know that the Lord will provide to bring our boy home. 

Thank you for all your love, support and prayers.  We couldn't have taken this journey without you.

To God be the glory.....ALWAYS!

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