Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guess what, Mom?!?!?

On Saturday, while I was recovering in the hospital (not at all a planned stay), Trent & his Daddy were very busy re-organizing his room to prepare for the arrival of his brother.  Trent helped his Dad put his brothers bed together, cleaned out his nightstand so they would each have a drawer and painted letters for the wall.  Trent has his name (in bright red) up on the wall so naturally, brother needed his up too...in bright blue.

Today, Trent came running up to me and said "Mama, come here....quick."  I went into his room and the letters were neatly stacked on J's bed.  He said "guess what, Mom?".  At first I thought something was wrong and I asked "oh no....are they stuck together?"  He said "nope"....and one by one lined up the letters spelling out his brothers name.  Then he looked at me with the biggest smile ever and said "We're adopting!".

Yes, we are Trent....yes we are.  Oh how I love my boy.  Trent is going to be an amazing big brother.  In a lot of ways, I believe God started preparing his little heart for this long, long ago.  When Trent was 2 1/2, his best cousin in the whole wide world came to live with us.  Alex was just 1 month older than Trent and they did everything together....shared a room, played in the tree fort, ran around in the underwear with their swords tucked in the back, went fishing....you name it...they did it..  Alex lived with us for 3 years.  Trent has missed having another boy around so much.

I don't know what the road ahead will look like.  I imagine there will be bumps, detours & road blocks.  But right now, the only thing we do know is that there is a road and God has called us to travel it.  So we continue to walk in excitement, anticipation, obedience......and just a little bit of fear.

One week from tomorrow we will be on our way.  As mentioned we are still a bit short.  There is no emergency with our story.  No immediate medical need.  Just an honest to goodness lack of knowledge of all the extra expenses that come along with adoption.  If you feel led to give, you can make a tax-deductible donation to our Project HOPEFUL Fig fund using the link in the upper right.  But please....most importantly....would you pray for our journey?

God's got this.  We know He does. 

To God be the glory.....always!


  1. Hi, I was trying to find your email address cause I would love to chat and have some questions for you. My little one is Gavin on PH. My email is Lindsayandandy@hotmail.com