Monday, February 6, 2012

We're expecting!'s official!!  We are expecting!!  Ok, ok...that's misleading, I know :o)  We received our referral today for a little guy that we've been praying about and we are so excited!!!

Sometimes I find myself almost day dreaming wondering wow did we get here? I was recently recalling a conversation I had with my good friend when we were in Ethiopia together on a mission trip for the Hope in Ethiopia almost 2 years ago.  She had adopted from Ethiopia and I had so many questions for her.  I shared with her all my fears about adoption.  How could I love a child that didn't come from my body?  How could I ever get educated enough to adopt because I hate. to. read?  How would I feel if I heard the words "your not my real mom?"  Where on earth would the money come from? 

Fast forward 19 months and here I sit today.  Starring at a picture of this beautiful boy and my heart just melts.

Through several trips to Africa, God has shown me just how much I could love a child that wasn't my own.  I find myself waking up at 4:30 am to watch (key, not read :o) videos on how to parent the adopted child...soaking up every word.  I've had checks just "show up" in my mailbox or donations to our adoption fund from places that I least expected. And the words "you're not my real mom?"  Well, I just need to get over that fear because it's just not about me.  It's about God and what He has called us to do.  The Lord has blessed us beyond words with amazing friends that have literally held our hands throughout this journey and continue to do so.  My heart has been transformed in so many ways through this journey.

One thing that we absolutely did not expect was how quickly this is moving.  We could be in country for our adoption as soon as 4 months.  Now, that really is best case scenario but it's something that we need to prepare for.

We have an immediate need for about $3000.  I have been blessed by the orders pouring in but I can only do so much.  I still need to be a good mama to my babies and love on that amazing husband the Lord has blessed me with.  We've got some fundraisers in the works but they will take some time to pull together.  We have our application in for the Abba fund and we will definitely be applying for grants.  I was encouraged by a friend to put our need out there because sometimes people just don't understand the financial need in adoption.

The reality is that over the next 4 months, we probably need to raise somewhere around $14,000.  (breathe in, breathe out...that was a reminder for me :o)

We have a donate button in the upper right hand corner of our blog.  If you feel the Lord leading, please consider making a donation.  No amount is too small.  Every dollar matters and every dollar brings us closer to our little guy.  If every one of my facebook friends gave $5.00...BOOM...that $3k need would be met.  Just like that.

And by all means....keep on shopping :o)

Thank you so much for all your love, prayers & support.  I can't even put into words how much it means to us.

To God be the Glory...always!!

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