Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for some serious fundraising......

Our adoption journey has taken a twist.  I think it's a really good twist though.  As mentioned in my previous post, we started this journey independently....meaning, we had no agency to represent us and we had to figure it all out ourselves.  Well, the little guy we feel God calling us to parent is with an agency which changes things up a bit.  The really good news is that I have someone to hold my hand now....which, if I am being honest...walking the independent journey was really scary.  There were so many unknowns and I felt completely out of my league.  So there is a lot of relief....but there is also additional costs that are due.  Now.  Like right now.  :o)  I have said many times to many families that God will provide.  I've seen Him provide.  But now that we are here....oh my is really, really scary!

I trust the Lord wholeheartedly, but, just like the Hummingbird....I need to do what I can.  I got a REALLY good deal recently on sterling silver chains so I am happy that I can now offer our sterling silver Africa necklace even cheaper!  They are now $25.00 (which includes shipping) and all profits go directly toward our adoption.
To purchase, simply use the Paypal button in the upper right hand corner of my blog.  Each sterling silver pendant is handstamped with Africa. 

We will be doing the t-shirts again very soon.

Also....any of my custom stamped items go directly toward our adoption.  When you make a purchase on my website....any product in the Patterson family adoption...yup, you guessed all goes toward our adoption

Lastly, if you just feel the Lord leading you to give toward our adoption, we would be so incredibly grateful....and humbled.  There is something very humbling about putting your needs out there.  It's raw.  And it's really hard.  But I think it's exactly what God wants us to do because He gets all the glory. 

We know his name.  We've seen his face.  We pray for him by name.  And it makes us want to fight for him with everything we have.

To God be the glory,

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  1. Dawn, I just ordered (through PayPal) the Africa stamp necklace that you mentioned and have pictured on this post. I didn't get super specific on the PayPal order - any version of this Africa necklace will be fine. I LOVE all of your creations and your heart for the orphans. We have two daughters from Ethiopia - hence my interest in the necklace! :) Blessings on your adoption!