Sunday, March 11, 2012

Humbled.......again ♥

Today I was brought to a messy puddle of tears by this:'s a ziploc bag with money....but it's the story that impacted me so.  It's a beautiful example of the Body of Christ coming together to bring one boy home to his forever home.

To say my church family has been supportive of our adoption is an understatement.  But today, a member of my church family knocked my socks off....and she's only 11.  She's the daughter of dear friends of ours and she decided that for her birthday party...instead of presents...she wanted her friends to bring donations "To bring him home".  Today she gave me this.  I just cried.  I hugged her.  I thanked her.  And I am pretty sure she's convinced I'm just plain nuts.  Ok, she's probably on to something there.  But wow.  Just wow.

God ALWAYS shows up just when you need Him the most.  Satan hates adoption.  I think I always knew that, but I'm sure I never felt it until we began our journey.  His attacks are relentless.  Just this morning, I was snuggling with my husband and I was having a very, hard morning.  He encouraged me.  He prayed over me and in the kindest way possible, he basically said "c'mon baby, put on your big girl panties and let's go worship our MIGHTY KING, our SAVIOR, OUR LORD and give Him our BEST because HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR US. 

Ok...pity party was over and I got ready for church.  Amazing....AMAZING...worship where I was brought to tears.  (Do you sense a running theme here?).  Our worship pastor has such a gift of leading us.  Then came an awesome message by our Pastor about the Holy Spirit.  Then I was presented with the sweet, sweet gift from Madison.  Even now as I type...the tears fall.

I long for the day to tell our son how many people loved him home.  My cup runneth over....

To God be the Glory......ALWAYS.



  1. Hi Dawn, it is Sharon from Shay Designs. I have been snooping around on your blog and FB and reading of all your wonderful goings on. Love this story. God is good... so good!

  2. I love the hearts of children..Praise God for his work.