Sunday, March 25, 2012

Favorable determination.....

Yesterday was my birthday.  Since we have so much going on and John was performing a wedding, we didn't make any plans.  And I was really ok with that.  I mean....I'm leaving for Africa on Monday....that is the most amazing gift ever.  I was good.

So, I spent the day hoping to raise funds for my friend Meghan's adoption and shopping with my pre-teen for shorts.  Have you shopped for shorts lately?  Oh my word.  Can you say "Daisy Dukes?"  And my daughter is in this interesting stage of "too big for the kids section" and "too small for the adults section".  So juniors it is and conservative does not appear to be a choice these days.

Ok...moving on :o)  Mandy & I were in Burlington coat factory where you can actually find suitable shorts for preteen girls.  Yay!  My hubby calls me and says "did you get my text?"  I check my text.  He says "ok, let me send it again".  Nothing.  So he says he'll send it through email.  I wait.  And wait.


Thank you Father in Heaven!

So, right there in Burlington coat factory....I screamed.  I cried.  I panicked.  I cried some more.  And I succeeded in embarassing the heck out of my girl :o)

Here's the funny thing.  John and I are not "wait-ers".  If we even get a hint of God's whisper, we act.  Not always a good thing.  Probably why we had to wait 2.5 years for our home to sell.  Well, in our attempt to learn discipline, when we got our fingerprint appointment...we chose to wait.  See, when you get your letter, you can pretty much go that day....even if your appointment is weeks out.  We didn't.  We trusted that God had given us that date so we chose to just wait it out.

That date was Monday, March 19th.  It took just 5 days to get our I-171H.  5 DAYS!  I've read blog after blog after blog and I have never heard of "first timers" getting theirs in 5 days.  I've seen 3 weeks up to 20 weeks.

Our dossier is in Uganda.  A copy of our I-171H is the last thing our attorney needs to file for court.

We are close.  SO. VERY. CLOSE.

I am also VERY EXCITED to share that our boy has a Project HOPEFUL Fig (Families in the Gap) Fund!  This means that you can make a donation to his adoption AND it's completely tax deductible!  Clicking on the link below will allow you to donate directly to his fund.

We can't thank you enough for your ongoing support and generosity.  We covet your prayers as we continue on this journey.

To God be the Glory.....ALWAYS!


  1. So thrilled for you Dawn!! Obviously this is really good new, but can you help me understand what sort of time frame is involved from this point? Are you weeks away? Months away?

  2. Hey Jessica!! We are at the weeks to months point. I have seen court dates happen as soon as 3 weeks and as of late, up to 3 months. I am being cautiously optimistic when I say "I think" we will be in Uganda getting our son in June!