Monday, August 29, 2011

Where we are at.....

It almost feels surreal that we are doing this....that we are committed to bringing another child (or two if that's what God has planned for us) from Uganda into our family.

I've been asked a lot recently "so, where are you at?". So, I wanted to share. We have officially started our homestudy. We were referred to a great social worker who has helped several other families in the Austin area. We were beyond blessed by a couple wonderful friends who made donations to our adoption fund and made this possible. You know who you are and you have forever blessed our hearts. We can't wait for the day to be able to pay this all forward. Right now, we are in the thick of paperwork...our biography so to speak. Background checks have been sent off and fingerprints are next up. Well, at least the easy ones are. I am NOT, I repeat NOT an organized person so this will all be a stretch for me. But thanks to my wonderful friend Julie who provided me with the most lovely lime green filing folders, I feel that I can conquer ANYTHING. :o) Ok, I know it takes more than some fancy filing folders and I feel that God has called me waaaaaaay outside my comfort zone by pursuing an "independent adoption", but I am also thankful. It stretches me. It requires me to completely lean on Him. It requires another level of trust that He will equip me (us) to complete this journey He has called us to.

I was able to meet with an adoption attorney while in Uganda and she was a wealth of information. Again, we were referred to her by another family who recently completed their adoption.

The picture was drawn by our beautiful Mandy. She drew this for her words "to help bring my brother home". My friend Kathy who I traveled to Zeway with in March is in school studying web & graphic design. She has been really helpful with coming up with a design for T-shirts and notecards.  The back of the shirt will have "To bring you home" in Mandy's handwriting.  We are so excited to get these printed up and we'll be using these to help fundraise for our adoption.

We don't have a timeline and we don't have a child identified. We are walking in blind faith right now and continuing to trust God.

Thank you for following along and walking through this journey with us.  We know we are not alone and will be coveting your prayers.


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  1. Hello from Oklahoma ;-)

    We began the process to adopt out of Uganda a few months ago through an adoption agency but have recently began looking at going independently. Are you able to share your Ugandan adoption attorney & are you able to share more about your experience with me by phone? I greatly appreciate any advice!