Friday, March 4, 2011

Flat Stanley is going to Ethiopia

If you have children, you probably know who Flat Stanley is.  On Wednesday, I got an email from my dear friend in Ohio.  She hadn't been on Facebook and didn't know that I was leaving Friday for Ethiopia.  She told me that she had just placed Stanley in the mail because her son, Kyle, wanted Stanley to go somewhere Texas.

In my experience....mail just doesn't move that quickly.  Ohio to Texas via 1st class mail in two days??  The chances were slim.  And, our mail arrives after I would already be on the plane to Africa.

But, I still thought it would be so cool is Stanley could go to Africa.  I started seeing pictures of Stanley in my mind with some of the orphans I know and the stories he could share.

On a 8:00 this morning, I called our post office.  Perks of living in a really small town ;o)  I told the gal my situation and asked if she would just check to see if I had an envelope getting ready to be delivered today.  She said she would check.  She came back and said "I have an envelope here from a Kyle Gregel...would you like me to hold it for you so you can pick it up before your flight?"

I was so completely excited.

So Flat Stanley is on his way to Africa with me.  I think there are some elementary children (maybe even a few teachers) who will be greatly impacted by the stories he will be able to share.   There will be an elementary school in Mantua, Ohio who will now know about the orphans in Zeway.  And that makes my heart smile.

To God be the Glory!

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