Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Tink saga

Ok, I get it....not everyone is a crazy animal lover like me.  I realize that there are so many bigger problems in this world.  But, right now, my kitty is what is on my heart.

I've honestly never prayed so hard and so long....for a cat.  I tried to get really rational through this process and tell myself "it's just a cat, Dawn" and it didn't work.  I've anxiously awaited phone calls from the vet for updates and stopped and thought, this is really silly.  But today I found myself at the vet having a very serious conversation with Tink.

The situation is this....Tink has a broken pelvis which cats can heal from.  The problem is that she doesn't want to eat.  In most cases, if an animal wants to live...they will eat.  I decided to go and visit her.  On the way down I just prayed for God to help me make the best decision for my cat.  I told God that I would follow my gut on this and whatever my first instinct was...that would be how I rolled.   I took one look at her and felt pretty confident that this was not a cat on her last leg (no pun intended).  She was perky & alert, her tail was flipping around and aside from having a REALLY bum leg...she was Tink.  Her normal, ornery self.  I think she's not eating because she's probably just really, really, mad.  I'd be pretty irritated if I were her too.  She's been attacked by a pit bull, stuck with needles and living in a cage surrounded by barking dogs. 

So, tomorrow afternoon, I am bringing Tink home.  We are going to try and give her as much TLC as possible and see how things progress.  I might be making a mistake, but I'll be making it with a very clear conscience.

It's ok, you can roll your eyes now...I would ;o)  I promise, no offense taken.  I've had lots and lots of friends ask how my kitty is doing and I thought this was the best way to share.

Tink update

I decided to do an update on Tink because I have been so pleasantly surprised by the amount of times I've been asked "how's Tink"...."I've been praying for Tink".  It's been so touching.

Tink is doing AMAZING.  While she was at the vet, she wouldn't eat...was fighting being force fed...and well, she wasn't going to the bathroom to put it bluntly.  Immediately upon bringing her home, I opened up a can of kitty food for her.  My sweet, sweet hubby went and bought the most expensive wet food he could find because he thought "the more expensive it is, the better it will taste and she won't be able to resist".  She started eating right away.  She didn't eat much.  But she was eating. 

By about day 4, she was gobbling up her food like there was no tomorrow.  And again, well...she started going to the bathroom.  I never thought I'd be so excited about a cats potty habits.

We are 19 days into her 4-6 weeks of crating.  She is doing tremendously well considering what she went through.  When we took her to the vet, she was in shock and the vet didn't think she'd make it.  Then she discovered the broken pelvis and the outlook was grim.  We were faced with the choice of continuing her care or putting her down.  My husband saw my broken heart and decided to take the compassionate route.  I am so grateful he did.

I believe she will have a paralyzed foot and always walk with a bit of a limp but it doesn't seem to bother her one bit.   Praise God that the owner of the dog paid her vet full. 

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. 

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